Market Discussion Resource Thread Post (Glue Applied)

•May 5, 2009 • 4 Comments

As some of you may have noticed, the forum stickies are undergoing a bit of a spring-clean in an effort to update and consolidate them hardly ever updated these days.

The SCC-Lounge will do its best to keep this post updated with ‘must read’ threads of use to MDers. If you have any suggestions or any threads you wish to highlight to be added to the resource, please comment with the new submission or resource you feel would be useful for fellow players.

Last Updated: 2009-06-18
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Trading – A Beginner’s Tutorial

•June 10, 2009 • 4 Comments

Opening Disclaimer – I am not the ultimate fount of trading knowledge.  This article is not intended for people who already know what they’re about, nor for people that are succeeding wildly.  There are more ways to succeed than I outline below, and if you’re doing one of them – you’re already doing it right.  Also, any items given as examples should be considered examples only, not endorsements of that specific item as a good trade project.

That out of the way….

There are many ways to make your fortune in Eve, and while trading is the least SP intensive – it’s the most personal-skill intensive.  With such a vast and varied market, and so many people competing so heavily in it, it’s easy for new traders to feel overwhelmed.  This article will attempt to break down the basic forms of trading, and give advice as to how to proceed in them.  However, none of this information is an “I win” tutorial – it will still require the reader to be thoughtful, diligent, and self-motivated.

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The trader: Winner or wuss?

•June 2, 2009 • 2 Comments

Good evening pilots of the pod variety,

Indeed it has been a while since I’ve been able to post on the SCC. Though I suspect that is one such consequence of the moving apartments/girlfriend forgetting to pay the internet bill package. Alas, I’ve finally managed to secure a stable internet connection and a couple of spare minutes to call my own. I would like to share with you a story that I feel accurately represents our particular niche in Eve. For those of you trying to balance a real life romance with your illicit Eve relations, I dare say you might relate =P.

It all started about a week ago. My girlfriend, interested in understanding the game on which I’ve spent more and more of my time, decided to conduct her own research. This took the form of several hours on youtube, browsing videos documenting the major events of New Eden history. You know the type, massive ship battles, epic conflicts, sinister betrayal, and the like.

After ascertaining a basic sense of what makes EvE “Eve,” she approached me and revealed what she had been doing. Eager to show off her newfound knowledge, she turned her computer around to show one of the token Northern Coalition you tube movies, and asked if this is what I did in Eve. Not wanting to disappoint her, I set out to try and delicately explain my professional activities in game.

But I could not find the words. My girlfriend was asking if I flew massive ships into battle with other massive ships, launching missiles and railguns and participating in sieges of player owned stations. The enthusiasm quickly ran from her face as I informed her that, au lieu of that, I spent my time in the “New York” of New Eden updating orders, networking deals, and looking for that next great opportunity. Her reaction was quite simple: “You pay to play a game where you change orders by 0.01 ISK and talk about other people’s adventures?”

Try as I might, I had a hard time defending my position. The fact that I make enough ISK to pay the monthly subscription with ingame currency failed to have any effect whatsoever. The mention that I actually trade the modules and ships flown by the pilots in the youtube videos impressed her about as much as the latest Britney Spears cd. And it got me thinking: Outside of the select few of us who enjoy what we do, are our workings ridiculous by other gamer’s standards? Are we reduced to working a job required by every other profession, required, but not respected? I shall have to ponder these questions. Amidst a plentiful array of Jita 4—4 updates of course =P.


How not to buy goods on the market

•May 17, 2009 • 3 Comments

The good people in the lounge should have heard of this story last night.

Chat was fun and had just re-logged after setting some S&I jobs on an alt. I then noticed my wallet appeared to be malfunctioning, it was displaying an additional digit.

Rubbing my eyes, I went to recheck exactly what happened and this was what I found:

iteron mark V(Yes, 800mil. Normally goes from anything between 1-1.5mil, fyi)

What can we learn by this? Sort by price. Not by the bonkers default the market gives: by jumps and then some.

No I did not send it back. Finders Keepers. 😀

Clear Skies 2: An Unforgettable film and an Unforgettable Game

•May 11, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Yesterday ended up being one of my most memorable, most enjoyable days in recent memory. It started off normal enough, with a hearty mug of coffee, some order updating, and a bit of market perusing. Yes, it was shaping up to be a pretty typical day, until an impulsive decision to browse the boards resulted in an absolute gem of a find: The long awaited sequel to the original Clear Skies, Clear skies 2. Yes, the sequel to the celebrated Eve-based movie, staring captain John Rourque and his eclectic, lovable cast, has finally arrived.

Frantically, I started the download and proceeded to pace up and down my small studio room while the growing impatience mounted. After what seemed to be an eternity, my computer signaled the download complete, and with beer in hand, I embarked on what was to be an epic forty minute EvE adventure.

From the first scene onwards, the laugher was uncontrollable. All attempts at preserving my dignity were, judging from my girlfriend’s incessant jaw-dropped gaping, jettisoned out the proverbial window. The film is nothing less than a masterpiece, a contribution to the intensely deep EvE community that will easily be remembered for years to come.

Old characters return, new characters are introduced, and they all come together to form a tightly woven, surprisingly profound story of privateer meandering, political intrigue, and galactic terrorism. Indeed, the film will have you laughing, lamenting, and cheering as the Clear Skies crew hesitantly pursues an adventure worthy of a AAA budget Hollywood blockbuster.

Perhaps the most profound part of it all is the humble origin from which the film emerges. This is not the work of a professional studio (though the quality would easily have you believing otherwise), nor is it the product of a large entity of individuals. Clear Skies 2 is nothing more than an intensive labor of love created by players, about players, for players. The amount of man hours that had to have gone into such a production is absolutely staggering, which begs the question, how many other MMOs generate the types of player-created works we see in Eve?

Not only is Clear Skies 2 an absolutely fantastic film in its own right, it is also a testament to what EvE has, despite a rough beginning and an irritatingly cluttered genre, managed to achieve over the years. It is because of this essence, this “thing,” that players of other MMOs lurk, in secret, on the EvE forums, that the EvE economy is studied by the business schools at the university level, and that the game has managed to, more than once, appear on the BBC. EvE is something special, something unique, and there is nothing more appropriate to represent such a special accomplish than Clear Skies 2.

Clear Skies 2 can be downloaded via torrent at the following URL:

A Belated Introduction

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Hey mates,

Someone in the SCC pointed out that I had never properly introduced myself. While I do admire the balls out blitzkrieg approach in regards to writing, I will go ahead and properly introduce myself to the SCC community.

In game I am a Jita-based trader with way too much time to update orders. My initial Jita experience left something to be desired, but it has since grown on me. I started a column entitled “The ISK Keeper,” which reports on my various adventures and experience throughout the galaxy. I have posted the first one on the SCC, and will (get around to posting the second). I envision releasing installments at monthly intervals, though that is subject to change.

Outside of Eve (because I know you’re curious), let me just say that I speak a good French and decent Spanish, I’ve been gaming for a long time, and I am currently marooned in Europe awaiting extraction =P

I was asked to write for the SCC, an offer I quickly accepted. I’ve always enjoyed writing, generally about subjects that interest me. I would say Eve falls under this category =P There are a great many subjects I hope to touch on in the coming months, ranging from the Lemming quotient to the latest and greatest evolutions in the John Doe chronicles. I will do my best to post when I can, as often as I can, in the interest of providing interesting and reliable information to those who are most interested.

Feel free to convo me in game or send me an evemail, and I will do my best to get in contact with you. Considering the absurd amount of time I spend docked in Jita 4–4, you will most likely be doing me a favor. If you are interested in providing information (scandals are always popular) or would like to see us address a certain subject, don’t hesitate to get in touch. With that said, I look forward to the opportunity of working both with the esteemed SCC staff and for their qualitative supporters. Fly safe!


(Editor: Edited in your mugshot. =p)

The end of the world…or not

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All seemed well and at peace, tranquil like a weekday afternoon should be. I had just returned from giving an English course, and granted the first thing I had to do was update my orders. To my dismay, not a single one of my 80+ Jita 4–4 orders had been bested. Not a single one. For the four or so hours I was away from my computer did I dominate my particular market. I promptly posed the question to my ever-adjacent girlfriend, “Did I miss some memo about the end of the world? Are my competitors out and about spending their last hours on Earth with their loved ones while I’m the wanker bent on making all the ISK until the very end???”

She quickly assured me that there was no end of the world present, though the reassurance was slow to come. Nor did it help matters that the next three hours also saw the complete absence of anything remotely resembling competition. Indeed I had grown so accustomed to the various twats .01ing me that their very absence proved more than unsettling.

Just when thought I had survived another Jita 4–4 primetime, and could then coast through the wee hours of the night, the flood gates opened and from them emerged every questionable penny hoarding vagabond determined only to undercut my orders at whatever personal cost to themselves. This has persisted through the late evening hours and into the early twilight time slot. I attribute my throbbing headache to these newfound psychological “tactics,” as I have very nearly considered logging off for the rest of the night.

One thing is for sure. Jita 4–4 is back to normal.


The ISK Keeper: Tales from a Newbie Trader

•May 5, 2009 • 4 Comments

The ISK Keeper: Tales from a newbie trader

I want to first inform people that will most likely end up quite long in length. Let it be known that I seek neither praise nor admiration, nor compassion, nor acceptance into what appears to be a highly skilled and slightly elitist community. My objectives for this post, my mani-manifesto, if you will (points for naming the reference) are simple in nature: To offer up a bit of real information on the subject of trading in New Eden for players who have yet to enter the fray, but would someday like to; and to evoke the harsh, albeit erudite criticism of the eve market tycoons. Apart from the “buy low, high” mentality often repeated on the forums, both my successes and my failures have come to pass by my own, unguided experimentation. Are my experiences worthy of being shared amongst such longstanding members of the EvE Market community? You be the judge.

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