Secure Commerce Services

The Secure Commerce Services (SCS) is the business arm of the SCC-Lounge. Its aim is to assist in and provide for needs of secondary market.

The SCS currently offers the following services:


An audit utilises the API information of the player to confirm specifics of the player’s business plan.
The audit will confirm that the information given is correct, that the player is capable of performing what he/she claims and whether the player has performed questionable activity in the past.
The audit is an important step to securing public funding for any project. However is also not able to totally protect investors from scams.


Services will include securities, and if it will be needed the trading and handling of such securities between participants in the secondary market.
Thus if different holders of relevant securities need location or holder to change this will also be provided.

Escrows and Collateral

Collateral is a security or guarantee (usually an asset) pledged for the repayment of a loan if one cannot procure enough funds to repay.
New players performing IPOs have been known to secure property with financial agencies as a guarantee against the failure of the IPO.
All Collateral will be received and held by Caleb Ayrania. Preferred locations will be Yulai SCC station, or Jita 4-4, however other locations are also acceptable.


Consultation in regards to the secondary market is available from members of the SCS and affiliated partners.
Questions and specification of needs can be addressed to:
  • Caleb Ayrania
  • Solisk
  • Selina Candor
  • Selene D´Celeste

Promotion and Marketing

Services regarding promotions and marketing are available at the Individual, Corporate or Alliance level. The SCS will endeavour to put together requested packages and gather the necessary capsuleers to complete such endeavours.
Freelance agents will be utilised for specific tasks.

Notarius Publicus

This service extends as far as current game mechanics allow. Thus it is not legally binding unless both parties agree to abid by the ruling regardless of its outcome. Benefits of using the notary is public knowledge of the contract. As such, it can be referred to by in later disputes or to prove that these parties have had dealings professionally.
Prices for services rendered are handled on a client discretion basis.

~ by Selina Candor on April 25, 2009.

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