Market Discussion Resource Thread Post (Glue Applied)

As some of you may have noticed, the forum stickies are undergoing a bit of a spring-clean in an effort to update and consolidate them hardly ever updated these days.

The SCC-Lounge will do its best to keep this post updated with ‘must read’ threads of use to MDers. If you have any suggestions or any threads you wish to highlight to be added to the resource, please comment with the new submission or resource you feel would be useful for fellow players.

Last Updated: 2009-06-18
(ISO 8601)

Newbie Guides and Q&A

Market Discussions General Questions Thread
(All questions should be directed here, the other threads are preserved here for posterity.)

Investing For Beginners
(Despite being stickied, no one reads. Do read this to be better informed.)

Trading 101
A guide to the EVE market and trading for all aspiring merchants

“What I’ve Learned So Far- Trading Guide for New Players by Sun Win”

” Enlarge Your Wallet!” By Fedjakeen

“Trading Advice FROM a Three-Week-Old Eve Player” by Rens PC

Learning to Trade

“Business Integrity in EvE” by Voltaire Leriel

“The Tricky Trade of Trading: Doin’ da Docked Deal” by Herko Kerghans
(Under skills forum)

Question and answer thread about the NPCs’ Trade Good economy

Question and answer thread about the NPCs’ Trade Good economy #2

Trading NPC goods

“Vasco’s Mobile Trading Post” trading suggestion

“What is the best fit to allow a trader to survive?” Q&A

Skill question: Procurement & Visibility

Defined Stock and Bond models for the EVE Market
A guide to the EVE Financial Instruments often mentioned in MD.

A Guide to Options for Raising Public and Private Capital
A further guide to the EVE Financial Instruments often mentioned in MD.

Key Concepts to Trading in EVE

Ships and Fits for Trading

Freighter Operations 101 (or ‘Reasons NOT to buy a freighter’)
Freighter != Making lots of ISK. Read this before you commit your 1Bil ISK.
(‘!=’ = Not Equal)

Market Templates and Related Information

Official IPO Template
A handy link here. The title says it all.

An IPO Guide
Linked in OP, but a handy link here. The title says it all.

Audits 101
Kazuo shares his knowledge in explaining audits

Guide to trust, reputation, and getting funding

Banks and Financial Institutions

The premier banking institution in EVE. Currently holds in excess of 2 Trillion ISK.

Second only to EBank, offers better rates than EBank with CDs.

If you’re investing here while not being one of them, you have some serious problems.

General Market Information Sharing

The Trading Hubs of EVE

Trading channel on IRC

The ISK must flow ! A guide to EVE moneymaking.

EVE-Wiki: EVE’s Broker System

Broker Fee Calculations

Market Order Broker Fees Formula

Publically Listed Corporations and other useful links
(No longer updated)

Capital Ship and Component Construction Thread

Market Applications Utilising EVE API and Exports

One of the best market tools available. 14 day trial with 100mil for a key after that.

Freeware. A good alternative.

Open Source [Sexy] Offline Wallet
Ray’s market tool.

EVE-MEEP Version
The producer’s tool, don’t do S&I without it.

EVE Commander
A web based site for tracking your EVE characters and assets. Good when you can’t install programs. Fees applicable.

Support for the following programs appears to have been discontinued.

Use at your own risk


EvE iHelper


Eve Trade Finder


Market Master

MarketMuch v1.0 – Order Analyzer

NavBot (Eve Trade Analyzer / Trade Route Finder)


Capital Ships

Capital Ship Construction – co-operation thread
Listing of the manufacturers/traders of capital ship components (out of date)

Trade Analyzers

Kaladr’s EVE-Central Cross Region Market Browser and Trade Finder
A Stock market view of EVE Online Commodities. Powered by EVE Central.
Another Market tracker. Supports automated uploads of market details.

An app to import market logs to search for areas to place products.

Starship Construction, Refining, POS Fuel spreadsheets
(No longer updated due to player leaving eve. Usefulness in doubt.)

Generic Market Tools

Market Discussion Cleaner
The best way to avoid trolling, flaming and warnings!

Stories, Blogs and Other Stuff from Market Discussions

Hexxx: Resume
Again, the title says it all. A bit of an advert but a good link source for some other useful information.

Blog of a Newbie Trader

Haiku Market Tips
For the days when you make so much isk, the creativity flows.

The ISK Keeper: Tales from a newbie trader
The ISK Keeper: I am trader
Two wonderful articles of learning the trade from Lecherito.

Quarterly Economic Reports

Criticism against the QEN (Eve Tribune) (NEW)




EVE Online Economics Dev Blogs

Dev Blog 1: Market Overview for Mineral Markets

Dev Blog 2: Production of Spaceships

Dev Blog 3: Some Statistics on Corporations

Dev Blog 4: Stats on the ORCA

Dev Blog 5: Popularity of Ships Types (NEW)


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