The end of the world…or not

All seemed well and at peace, tranquil like a weekday afternoon should be. I had just returned from giving an English course, and granted the first thing I had to do was update my orders. To my dismay, not a single one of my 80+ Jita 4–4 orders had been bested. Not a single one. For the four or so hours I was away from my computer did I dominate my particular market. I promptly posed the question to my ever-adjacent girlfriend, “Did I miss some memo about the end of the world? Are my competitors out and about spending their last hours on Earth with their loved ones while I’m the wanker bent on making all the ISK until the very end???”

She quickly assured me that there was no end of the world present, though the reassurance was slow to come. Nor did it help matters that the next three hours also saw the complete absence of anything remotely resembling competition. Indeed I had grown so accustomed to the various twats .01ing me that their very absence proved more than unsettling.

Just when thought I had survived another Jita 4–4 primetime, and could then coast through the wee hours of the night, the flood gates opened and from them emerged every questionable penny hoarding vagabond determined only to undercut my orders at whatever personal cost to themselves. This has persisted through the late evening hours and into the early twilight time slot. I attribute my throbbing headache to these newfound psychological “tactics,” as I have very nearly considered logging off for the rest of the night.

One thing is for sure. Jita 4–4 is back to normal.



~ by Lecherito on May 6, 2009.

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