Clear Skies 2: An Unforgettable film and an Unforgettable Game

Yesterday ended up being one of my most memorable, most enjoyable days in recent memory. It started off normal enough, with a hearty mug of coffee, some order updating, and a bit of market perusing. Yes, it was shaping up to be a pretty typical day, until an impulsive decision to browse the boards resulted in an absolute gem of a find: The long awaited sequel to the original Clear Skies, Clear skies 2. Yes, the sequel to the celebrated Eve-based movie, staring captain John Rourque and his eclectic, lovable cast, has finally arrived.

Frantically, I started the download and proceeded to pace up and down my small studio room while the growing impatience mounted. After what seemed to be an eternity, my computer signaled the download complete, and with beer in hand, I embarked on what was to be an epic forty minute EvE adventure.

From the first scene onwards, the laugher was uncontrollable. All attempts at preserving my dignity were, judging from my girlfriend’s incessant jaw-dropped gaping, jettisoned out the proverbial window. The film is nothing less than a masterpiece, a contribution to the intensely deep EvE community that will easily be remembered for years to come.

Old characters return, new characters are introduced, and they all come together to form a tightly woven, surprisingly profound story of privateer meandering, political intrigue, and galactic terrorism. Indeed, the film will have you laughing, lamenting, and cheering as the Clear Skies crew hesitantly pursues an adventure worthy of a AAA budget Hollywood blockbuster.

Perhaps the most profound part of it all is the humble origin from which the film emerges. This is not the work of a professional studio (though the quality would easily have you believing otherwise), nor is it the product of a large entity of individuals. Clear Skies 2 is nothing more than an intensive labor of love created by players, about players, for players. The amount of man hours that had to have gone into such a production is absolutely staggering, which begs the question, how many other MMOs generate the types of player-created works we see in Eve?

Not only is Clear Skies 2 an absolutely fantastic film in its own right, it is also a testament to what EvE has, despite a rough beginning and an irritatingly cluttered genre, managed to achieve over the years. It is because of this essence, this “thing,” that players of other MMOs lurk, in secret, on the EvE forums, that the EvE economy is studied by the business schools at the university level, and that the game has managed to, more than once, appear on the BBC. EvE is something special, something unique, and there is nothing more appropriate to represent such a special accomplish than Clear Skies 2.

Clear Skies 2 can be downloaded via torrent at the following URL:


~ by Lecherito on May 11, 2009.

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