The trader: Winner or wuss?

Good evening pilots of the pod variety,

Indeed it has been a while since I’ve been able to post on the SCC. Though I suspect that is one such consequence of the moving apartments/girlfriend forgetting to pay the internet bill package. Alas, I’ve finally managed to secure a stable internet connection and a couple of spare minutes to call my own. I would like to share with you a story that I feel accurately represents our particular niche in Eve. For those of you trying to balance a real life romance with your illicit Eve relations, I dare say you might relate =P.

It all started about a week ago. My girlfriend, interested in understanding the game on which I’ve spent more and more of my time, decided to conduct her own research. This took the form of several hours on youtube, browsing videos documenting the major events of New Eden history. You know the type, massive ship battles, epic conflicts, sinister betrayal, and the like.

After ascertaining a basic sense of what makes EvE “Eve,” she approached me and revealed what she had been doing. Eager to show off her newfound knowledge, she turned her computer around to show one of the token Northern Coalition you tube movies, and asked if this is what I did in Eve. Not wanting to disappoint her, I set out to try and delicately explain my professional activities in game.

But I could not find the words. My girlfriend was asking if I flew massive ships into battle with other massive ships, launching missiles and railguns and participating in sieges of player owned stations. The enthusiasm quickly ran from her face as I informed her that, au lieu of that, I spent my time in the “New York” of New Eden updating orders, networking deals, and looking for that next great opportunity. Her reaction was quite simple: “You pay to play a game where you change orders by 0.01 ISK and talk about other people’s adventures?”

Try as I might, I had a hard time defending my position. The fact that I make enough ISK to pay the monthly subscription with ingame currency failed to have any effect whatsoever. The mention that I actually trade the modules and ships flown by the pilots in the youtube videos impressed her about as much as the latest Britney Spears cd. And it got me thinking: Outside of the select few of us who enjoy what we do, are our workings ridiculous by other gamer’s standards? Are we reduced to working a job required by every other profession, required, but not respected? I shall have to ponder these questions. Amidst a plentiful array of Jita 4—4 updates of course =P.



~ by Lecherito on June 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “The trader: Winner or wuss?”

  1. Tell her that the money you make is usually spent on funding war campaign against goons

  2. Use your market skills next time to inform her that sans your efforts, those massive battles would never be supplied.

    Even the mightiest of warriors need someone to supply them with their weapons for battle.

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